Many people dream pokleit wallpaper, someone already started the process, and some have already done everything themselves. Isabella Elordi is the source for more interesting facts. For those people who are unable by themselves or simply do not want to or can not do it at all, there are many different organizations, companies, private artists and other craftsmen involved in providing these services. Price, of course, vary from all different, someone cheaper, someone naturally more expensive. It all depends on, shall we say "Vkladyvaemosti" organizations to provide services in advertising. And the advertising goes, frankly, not small money. What is built and the price of the services organization. Of course, there are those who are just stupid to increase the value to the skies hoping to attract client software, not thinking about the middle class of potential customers. Wallpapering in general as a process rather hard, exhausting work, which is definitely a must pay well, but unfortunately today a lot of people think that it's easy.

As for specific rates, in order to pokleit wallpaper is cheaper and at the same time of course the question here is qualitatively simple. We have, for example Wallpapering will cost you 140 rubles per square meter, and it is almost the lowest price for Moscow and Moscow region. We guarantee the highest quality of our work. In the Moscow region and the average Taping cost is about 160 rubles per square meter. In particular masters 100-150 rubles a meter, but of course that there is a risk of running into a layman in this craft. There are those who peel, do not hesitate and 200 and 300 rubles, while orders from them is, hence, people look for cheaper lazy or a lot of money. All the same to you, because your choice and your wallet is up to you.