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Which is better: moving even a step-by-day, even if a little painful, or wait at a station ghost train passing illusion of good luck? Who is successful: he who takes chances and fell on some sections of the road, but gets up, or who thinks he can succeed in one shot, but not prepared? When someone with high standards of living is going well, people around you act in various shapes: some were up, as if those few excellent victory was due to a special provision of estrellasa a they are not, others complain that suertea a buena were not touched them and think that life has not been fair, but few realize that now is the Time them, to create an opportunity to raise standards and deal with all the power your dreams. What group of three we meet? The problem with complaining is that complaints tie us to the circumstances, we become victims, alienate us opportunities we face the challenges demoralized, then we just settle for the a mala suertea that we have had. Learning. But the good news is that we can change that paradigm and begin to see life from another glass. However, this decision requires courage and, perhaps more than that, the will to want to see otherwise. Now, who do we learn? Alfred Nobel once said: a the smart person learns from fracasoa . But more recently, Miguel a Angel Cornejo said a the really smart person learns from exitoa .

I think both statements are correct and complement (I leave everyone to think that easy). So we have a lot to learn, because life always goes on and we can not afford to remain stagnant. You have to start doing something, however small it may seem, to find our own opportunity. And if things get tough, always remember that a HTSP supposed to be difficult, if not anybody hariaa . Live Writer blog Excellence since 2007. In this blog addresses the issue of development of excellence as a way of life that must fill every area of life, simply because the excellence we will stay in future generations.