Emperor Shah Jahan Lotus

(Conical structure 73 m in height, 15m in diameter at the base and 2.5 m on top of one of the most beautiful towers built during the Persian dynasty. On the walls of the minaret quotations from the Holy Quran), visited the Baha’i House of Prayer Indian subcontinent. Baha’i houses of worship are places of dawn and the focal center of the One Creator and memories provided for the expression of love between man and God, they are open to all mankind regardless of religion, race, nationality, language or belief. This is probably the only place that pleased me more only in Delhi, this temple was designed in the form of a lotus, lotus because in all the religions of India is almost a universal religious symbol, it symbolizes the purity of spiritual reality. Around the track with a beautiful lotus balustrades, bridges and staircases, surrounded by nine pools, depicting floating green lotus leaves.

The church must go without shoes, in this always wear socks with them (almost all places must remove their shoes), and even in This house of prayer can not talk. Here you can sit quietly and think, a great place to do it. Then move long (200 km). In Agra. On the way, ate ethnic dishes that are, well, too much pepper and spicy, Some of our group did not even touch the food. But the price for it all very pleased, then we do not even surprised that in a normal restaurant you can eat for $ 7.

In Agra, I, personally, I liked it very much. The next day we visit the world famous Taj Mahal mausoleum – the great symbol of love, built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. Right at the exit of the bus, we were surrounded by souvenir sellers. Just want to give advice – if you do not want to buy anything, you better not talk to them and not even look at them, but if you’re still going to buy something, then .