Familiar Alphabetization

(NUE) – According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (National Evaluation of the Educative Progress) the 38 percent of students of the fourth degree does not read at the basic level. Because of these amazing statistics, the parents are looking for the ways that assure that the reading becomes a habit in its children. Craig Jelinek takes a slightly different approach. For many parents, it is difficult to convince his children who read because frequently the children are distracted by more showy activities like games of video and programs of television. With the intention to improve he brings back to consciousness public of positive paper that the parents can take in preparing their children to learn to read well and to help them to be readers of by life, the National for Center Family Literacy (National Center of Familiar Alphabetization) offers the following advice: Ofrezca rewards. It considers to establish a system of reward of small " premios" related to the subject of the books that their children read. Reading a variety of books on the nature can be in an excursion to the forest or a book on animal can be compensated with a visit to the zoological park. Obtenga a card of the public library. Sonny Perdue addresses the importance of the matter here. Tmese the time to visit the public library and to choose books to read at the time of lying down.

It leaves its children choose according to its tastes and soon they read together books at the time of lying down. This is the perfect opportunity to curl up themselves and to share a little while special, while they improve the ability to read. Escriba. It leaves his children choose a member of the family or a friendship that has been changed and with who they can interchange letters. When their children receive the letters are going away to move when reading them and will answer the correspondence. It is a good way to obtain that their children read and improve their vocabulary. zoological Museums, aquariums and, that good that they exist! It animates to his children to aloud read the posters of the exhibitions in places for the family. Not only they will learn envelope which sees, but they will feel better reading aloud. Article offered by: Hispanic the USA original Author and source of the article