Greece Travertine

In this case, it makes the landscape unique charm stariny.Vnutrennyaya finish With various interior design travertine buildings, of course, is considered one of the best materials. Its warm natural color gives comfort to any room. Exquisite pattern on the surface of this mineral gives them lined items personality, unmistakable decorative. Because of the durability of this mineral from him perform countertops in bathrooms and kitchens. These things look noble and long are the owners.

Travertine often make the tiles, including floor. Besides the fact that she is beautiful, she is also resistant to moisture, does not deteriorate from temperature differences. Therefore, travertine tile so often used for decoration of kitchens and bathrooms. And in as a floor tile travertine at all indispensable, due to its natural strength and roughness. On the floor of travertine tiles can not slip. Such a coating can not hurt, dropping heavy subject.

Travertine fireplace trim and walls. It is used for decorative masonry walls from the inside or outside buildings. Travertine is used to decorate a wide variety of interior design: it is made of columns, window sills, steps, balusters and other functional and decorative objects. Travertine combines perfectly with wood, other natural materials, plaster – a decorative and simple. This natural tile material provides unlimited space for imagination. Look particularly impressive mural and mosaic travertine. The soft colors and unusual textures attract the eye, makes for a long time to admire these simple and at the same time ornate travertine deposits interera.Sovremennye first mined deposits of travertine were in Italy, in the town of Tivoli (previously – Tibur). To date, this country remains one of the leading travertine suppliers of excellent quality. Large deposits of travertine is in Greece, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Morocco, Algeria, Peru, Iran and the former CIS countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. In Russia, the stone is mined in Kamchatka and near the town of Pyatigorsk.