Hurricane Ikes Aftermath

We write from such a small restaurant fast food franchise, is the only one around that has electricity and wi-fi. We discovered yesterday afternoon, loitering the SW of Houston, looking for something similar that we are not forced to spend too much of the half tank of gas that remains, and we hold as gold cloth, because there is no petrol station, and if There is no fountain that works. So, smelling of greasy burgers and fries around, and talks to the gringa (ie, shouting, this seems like the fish auction in the auction of Valencia), we put them abreast of developments. The neighbors, Alicia and Alvaro, almost caught in a twinkling to Kurotora and stuck at home when the wind became more than serious, was 8:00 pm Friday afternoon. Barred the door, dinner, and wait for the fury. In the bed arms crossed and eyes wide open listening to the TV in the room next door, and suddenly we heard a tremendous bang: a capacitor exploded in one of the electric poles in the street. Consequently, at 11:15 pm on Friday 12 power outage (so we). Ike landed in Galveston to the one in the morning of Saturday 13. That night was long. Well if it was long, no one slept. It seems that it took way inside on Interstate 45, and 3:00 am came to Houston. The howling wind and the rattle was impressive.We believe that the eye crossed the center of Houston about 3:30 am-because-the thing calmed down and at 5:00 am, the furies of hell fell on us. How roared. God, how such a creature roars. And he kept. The walls were shaking the house, opposite the old oaks swayed as bamboo, the wind had stopped ahead by way of the garage.