Meals For Those Over 30

The main trouble many bodybuilders older generation – malnutrition and lack of protein. Nevertheless, I would not advise them to take more than 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. In addition, the bodybuilders with age should increase the amount of fat in the menu and cut the carbs. A young athlete for the intensive work necessary to obtain 66% of calories from carbohydrates, 25% – of protein and only 10% – of fat. If you are over 30-Tb, it is better to cut carbs by 10-15 percent, and fats – at the same rate increase. This will provide the necessary emergency supplies ‘fuel’, because the overall efficiency of digestion after the third incident a dozen lives.

Ideally, the best there is often little. But bodybuilders encumbered family and work is usually a busy schedule of life that even the ordinary procedure for food – breakfast, lunch and dinner – it is difficult to observe. The yield here is still the same: more protein, more fat and less carbohydrates. My daily diet looks like this: Breakfast: 3-4 boiled eggs, 1 low-fat cottage cheese, 2-3 slices of bread made of flour, meal, fresh fruit Lunch: Vegetable soup, rice with beans Dinner: Protein souffle (similar to meat patties), liver potato, a large portion of green salad, fresh fruit. I certainly believe in the benefits of food additives, but I think that you should not ingest them insane amounts like thousand times the daily dose. The body simply will have their reject. I prefer to take a multivitamin with multimineralami.

Vitamin C and protoplasmic salt. In addition. Every day I drink 9.8 cups of water. Water is vital to an athlete! Just remember that our organism in 90% of the water. Lack of fluid can damage much more than a lack of protein.