Northern District Airport

What is the airport? Voronezh Airport – a place where you can fly a plane. Sonny Perdue has much to offer in this field. As well as airport terminals is a place to send people to another town or city. Voronezh Airport is located outside the city in a few kilometers from the northern region. Voronezh Airport is located at an optimal distance from the city, so you can quickly reach it by bus or car. Plus removal from the city allows residents of the Northern District not hear the roar of turbine aircraft taking off or landing. And the more and more flying planes that burn fuel or simply do not give them permission to land.

Voronezh Airport is quite a popular place not only the business elite but also among ordinary citizens traveling on business or vacation. About the business elite not mentioned by chance, in fact it until recently and could fly on business and use the services of the airport. To not Voronezh airport very long time had the opportunity to offer only expensive plane ticket, but with the advent of the Internet on the market, things got much better for the simple Voronezh. With the advent of air travel market Internet has become possible to buy tickets in Voronezh, without leaving home, while saving significant money on the flight. Due to this airport Voronezh became increasingly popular and necessary place for many residents city. Go to the airport a few buses and so uncomfortable with how to reach does not arise. Especially that most people who use the aircraft have their own private cars in Voronezh, which greatly simplifies the problem how to get to the airport in Voronezh? How is the airport? Airport consists of the building, which houses the office air.

In addition to cash at the airport is a cafe and space for waiting. Places to wait here two class, luxury and economy class. In the room to wait for a luxury for many it is more convenient you can spend time waiting for the plane, especially in times of bad weather. Room to wait for the economy class designed for the masses, so comfort is the standard kit, as they say. At the airport in Voronezh, as in other cities, but the building is still an important attribute as a place for aircraft parking and landing strip. As without the runway at the airport? That is her acceleration and landing aircraft. As a rule, the runway has a very high-quality coating that provides a fast and smooth take-off aircraft. Use the Airport Voronezh and successful flights.