Oliver Buring Mannheim

Cooperation of Hochschule Mannheim and IT-Systemhaus CEMA at the 26.06.2012 was successfully completed the joint software development project of the Faculty of computer science at the University of Mannheim and the IT system House of CEMA and watered. After the 5 teams in the course of the morning the jury presented your results, the winners were awarded in the afternoon sunshine on the rooftop of the Mannheim CEMA main site. The winner was”the Group Cl9ud. Project launch was on March 17, 2012. “Under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schramm, head of the Institute, and Prof. Thomas Smits turned 30 students of the Bachelor computer science of a development task around the topic of Automation – data center – cloud technology”.

By CEMA, Oliver Buring, Managing Director of CEMA IT Services GmbH and Thomas Weber, Managing Director of the CEMA coached Informationssysteme GmbH Mannheim, Germany the project specialists. Task of the students was to develop a self service portal, about the basic infrastructure of a middle-class customers in a Data Center can be set up. The complex task was divided into four phases: 1) create a process documentation 2) selection and evaluation a suitable tool for automating 3) design and implementation of deployment processes 4) embed the finished processes in a self service portal. In particular, the products of the two big manufacturers IBM and Microsoft were as basic software on their suitability to evaluate. At the end, the team created a comfortable Web application for simple handling of the self service portal. For the construction and operation of cloud infrastructures requires not only technology specialists, but especially wise heads, the processes can analyze and optimize and develop processes then this automated”, so the cloud head of CEMA Oliver Buring. For years the CEMA youth programs offered, the graduates are faced with innovative technologies.

For the students, the project was a good way to deal with today’s challenges in the realization of “” Cloud infrastructures to deal and so up front “to be.” “” “” All five teams – Cl9ud”SmartCloud”, WeDoIT”CloudSurfers” or shared knowledge “-delivered impressive results. The high self-employment within the groups was essential from the perspective of the College and required extraordinary commitment, what some sophisticated night and great Durchhaltevermogen. This succeeded in an excellent way and meant that the task controller at the award of the best result had spoilt for choice. There was a head to head decision for the victory. With a point, edge won the team Cl9ud”the students Michael Frank, Christof Hlipala, Patrick Munz, Frank Schmitt and Benedikt Scholch. We all had too much pleasure in the project”report the professors Schramm and Smits. There were always surprises and creative solutions”. Thanks to the collaboration with the CEMA students could one deep insights into the practice and business process medium-sized IT service provider win. It was a reaffirmation of our semester project concept. It has a unique selling proposition. the University of Mannheim in the higher education landscape”