Relaxation Techniques In Yoga

A cat that casual a mouse hole, gracefully, without any muscle tension lying in wait, but is ready to strike. Although the cat stretches a muscle, its quiet a thoroughly lively peace, which, if it comes into action, often missed their targets are “relaxation techniques important in our stressful lives. Nature has given us the ability to two mechanisms: 1 1. Stress response and 2 2. Both relaxation response are essential. The stress response and stimulates our body prepares us for immediate action. For anxiety, danger, fear, hustle and changes in our lives, our body pours out stress hormones. The sympathetic nervous system is activated, the muscles tense up and the heart rate is accelerating. Our mind is wide awake and you’re ready to act. Stress response is actually a good thing. Only if it happens too often and is not compensated by relaxation techniques, there is a so-called stress disorder. The effects are muscle pain, improper breathing, irritability, and tension especially in theBack, shoulder and neck area. Also, the susceptibility to disease increases, but much depends on the essential energy is lost. If more energy (prana) is consumed than the body can muster, you experience symptoms of fatigue. Even emotions like worry, distress, fear and envy consume much energy that we are missing the really important things in life then.

A few minutes anger may cost more energy than a full day of physical labor. You can avoid this by you harmonisierst your body and mind and relaxation response. In the deep relaxation of the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, the cardiovascular system suggested that reduced stress hormones, hormones of happiness poured out and the body can regenerate itself. Those who regularly relax, have more energy disappear, disease, and can better respond to external changes. Relaxation is a heightened sense of happiness with closeness to himself, leads to alpha waves in the brain and thus to harmonization of left and rightHemisphere. In a state of relaxation you can learn more languages, have access to your intuition and creativity. The yogis of relaxation seen in a preliminary stage of meditation where the body and mind must be completely relaxed. Relaxation has nothing to do with inertia, the kids unwind in a natural way, say no to laziness. For primitive peoples is to learn to relax a part of their lives – we need that ability again until Westerners. Napoleon, for example, should have been able to relax on a horse to sleep even while fighting was around him. Relax, you can also learn through yoga. To this end, there are special yoga trips, a combination of holidays and yoga. Harmonization of the two brain halves (hemispheres) you have learned or heard that the final relaxation harmonize the two hemispheres. But what can we mean by that? Our brain consists among others of the right and left hemisphere. The majority of the sensory (processing ofSensations) and motor (voluntary control of body movements) regions is symmetrical, ie they are found on each side of the brain. The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and umgehrt. For example, is programmed to write the right brain in the left hemisphere. Some features are however associated with only one asymmetrical brain. Using the right brain center of the visual sensations are connected. Here, images are recorded and stored. Feelings, well being, malaise, likes, dislikes, inspiration, etc., who come from our diencephalon, be processed into sensible information. Whenever the feeling dominates, takes the right brain in action. In this part of the brain are also our creative abilities to visualize and our imagination. We link our brains store numbers, formulas, results of analysis and learned techniques.

It works logically can draw conclusions, evaluate situations, the time and combined measure facts. Is learned in the brain linkstored, education and expertise as well as craft skills or mechanical processes. Here is the center for the mastery of language and reading, therefore the tools for all our linguistic communication. Each cerebral center is working on one side, quite independently of others and fulfills its function. Both hemispheres are using a thick nerve cord connected. In this way, be factual and creative, emotional aspects linked to each other. Depending on the gifts one or the other half of the human brain is more developed. Children use primarily their right hemisphere. First, develop creative ability, but they use their imagination. With the school loses the right to dominance, as by learning reading, writing and arithmetic, the development of the left brain functions is encouraged. All education during school and training courses mainly promotes the development of the brain link. Let’s revisit the assumption that the right brain gives us the ideas. It thinks inPictures and maps all a certain emotional value. Only through the combination with the left brain is the link with facts, dates, words, and we are capable of action-oriented implementation. Balance is important. Disadvantaged brain can be trained. Rechtsfördernd are activities such as painting, music, sculpting. Linksfördernd are playing cards, learning computer programming languages. Cooking, reading, gardening, travel simultaneously activate both hemispheres. As mentioned above, yoga helps to balance the two hemispheres.