Russian President Vladimir Putin

And I'm glad I had the opportunity … to congratulate you all with the opening of the forum dedicated to the great Russian word. " The participants of the congress and turned the heads of religious greetings faiths of Russia, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Russian President Vladimir Putin in his message which, in particular, it was said: 'Here in the capital of Russia, brought together representatives of various countries, prominent writers of our time, prominent philologists, Slavic. I am convinced that the upcoming meeting, discussions will contribute to strengthening mutual understanding and trust will make a significant contribution to the creation of a single literary space of the Russian Literature. Music downloads has many thoughts on the issue. " The congress was attended by 140 people, including 50 participants from outside Russia. Russian writers from the Czech Republic was represented by Sergey Levitsky from Prague, speaking about, published by his literary organization Almanac, and Anatoly Rozov from Brno member of the editorial board of 'The Russian word' acquainted the participants with the magazine, with the monthlies 'Czech Republic today', and spoke briefly about the nature of the project RuMarket.Cz. Both participants were in plenary session of the Congress, and worked actively in the 'Creative Writers compatriots in the context of world literature. " With head writer Sergei Mikhalkov ASHI talking Anatoly RozovOtradno, that not only more people understood the need to pen convergence and integration, closing their eyes to a writer belonging to different organizations and countries, but also the Government of Moscow, with whose active Congress realized the support, relies on writers abroad.