Social Decline

We are embedded in a materialistic world par excellence, everything is measured according to the possession without major repairs on how to obtain those resources. Perhaps this is the biggest difference in time when the values had a certain respect. Possession was associated with intellectual ability, with the knowledge of what was undertaken, with a large force of ambition, and a large number of parameters that outlined the profile of an entrepreneur, professional or appropriate … were valued the particularities of a certain individual as there was a direct relationship between material success and the increase in scholarship and intellect of the item. When breaking these limits, it turns out the way of authorization to self-possession …

who holds in his hand is who bends his subjects! The ability and development contract with the ownership, technology is acquired, the place is indistinct as the car clipped the distance, guests Commission and the authorities are provided … build a scene around the heat bill does not require great effort, just the right amount so that the fire will not be shut … and with his bright lights to the company along the way! This distortion of the human quality grew in history, regardless of their ancient origins, because as any mutation process is transparent and insensitive, damaging one or two generations the clone shaper, cutting special adaptations that allow it to survive as gentler. These hormonal implants require not only power and temperature, also the generational continuity of life is a requirement within the structure of its genetic program. This is accomplished with the highest cumulative projected feasible material security and tranquility … to future generations! The vision of ambition does not need evidence, because if it was not option, you can hold on to another, whichever is viable and adjustable to the need of consumers, but this implies the need to rely on in there, since there are no answers that testify to intellectual regression, as opposed implies no progress, and enjoying the material possibilities … only the lack of will prevails in the action! Taking this to the social level, its generalization and inclusion within the idiosyncrasies of a population, causing a significant cultural decline that leads to the speculative politicization of the image, which dominates the commentary and viewable without delving beyond the tangible .. .

only touch is the only feasible way of being conscious of the brains! In this rule of objectification, where the distribution of assets focused only subtract the power play, as the descendants lead the honor of starring role in future history books replacing the intellectual effort, awarded the political action to honor the name … which in turn allows to brush against dynastic lineage. We swam in the middle of a deserted sports content indirections and pleasant, the rules are expanded in the governor (exercise practiced by political caste), and in turn switched according to the general personality shift that is slowly consuming to be essential and important, allowing a project-within-a historical review class rebellion organizational discipline consistent with its innovative … where again be recycled questions eternal values of human dignity!