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Technological Institute

By | January 24, 2015

In addition, the use of styrofoam waste has important ecological value, since we are talking about reducing the waste in the human ecosphere. Most technological foundry sand compositions of mixtures on a 40-percent solution containing 2% polystyrene in the bottom line. These blends perfectly molded and cured by drying at a short-term temperatures up to […]

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Carbon Necessary

By | January 4, 2015

A good alternative to make the policemen to release of its foot is to change the color of its car and to tunar it, foiling any problem. Work in equipe' ' Need will be Speed: Carbon' ' it introduces to the series ' ' crew members' ' , deloused and altruistic friends of team who, […]

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Russia Slate

By | September 15, 2014

A suspension pigments and fillers in a mixture of alkyd and acrylic aqueous dispersions with the addition of various adjuvants. The paint is made based on acrylic aqueous dispersions of high quality pigments, various functional dobavok.Obladaet high covering, weathering and lightfastness. Suitable for industrial and domestic painting slate and other asbestos products. Applied manually or […]

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William Shakespeare

By | July 24, 2014

He wrote, for its part, the catalan poet Salvador Espriu who who forget their origins loses its identity. Aside from the biased and intentional applications making some of these verses, is certain that we will only know who we are if we don’t ignore where we proceed. Of something like us prevented also, ironically prophetic […]

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Service Desk

By | February 17, 2014

In case that the technician of the Service Desk does not obtain to decide in its stated period that will be shortest, it will have to send the register for another group of attendance where others will exist technician that will be able to go until the equipment physically to decide the problem with a […]

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By | December 4, 2013

The following methods have been tried to maintain the mercury vapor pressure at optimal level by artificially creating cold zones: Application of heat shields on the ends of the lamp to create cold zones of the electrodes. To this end, the back electrode at some distance from them, are placed screens, such as nickel-tin, well […]

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Second Life

By | November 6, 2013

An experience with the medias that valley to detach here, was acquired in recent lesson in the virtual environment Second Life (6 SL) , poisatravs of this experinciapercebemos the great potential for creation of virtual libraries and schools there, for accomplishment of lectures, research, courses, etc. If the current generation of pupils which we coexist […]

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Sources Of Light. Artificial Light Sources

By | October 14, 2013

Artificial light source, or, more precisely, artificial sources of optical radiation, is called a device designed to convert any kind of energy into electromagnetic radiation lying in the optical range. The latter is known to be divided into three regions: UV with wavelengths between 1 and 380 nm, visible wavelengths from 380 to 770 nm […]

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Red Edition

By | October 13, 2013

Garmin Ltd. has decided to turn his gaze toward the beautiful half of humanity and made two special versions of their GPS-navigators: nuvi 250 light rose, and the nuvi 760 black diamond. New items that differ from the basic models of buildings decorated with colorful crystals, for sure will please many women drivers. Those who […]

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By | September 26, 2013

The telecommunications industry in Ukraine is currently developing rapidly. Telecommunications companies and network operators are adopting new technologies that enable us to provide innovative services and reduce operating costs. One of the most privileged areas in this field are the optical technology. The company “FIBER OPTIC TECHNOLOGY”, a spokesman for Optokon Co. Ltd “- the […]

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