Academic Board

He said: "We must do everything necessary to create a good basis for future dialogue between scientists and VSHSGN RSCU. We are pleased welcome to our university, an outstanding representative of Polish sociology, psychology, pedagogy, Rector Andrzej VSHSGN Eliasch. Ready to execute instructions of the Scientific Council of the University and to present the distinguished rector Andrzej Eliasch diploma, certificate of his election as an honorary doctor of RSCU. " In response, Andrew Eliasch, in particular, said: "I appeal to you with words of gratitude for assigning me an honorary doctorate of your school, which occupies a leading position among other universities in Russia. Honor and praise the leadership of the university for the fact that your relatively young university successfully and dynamically develops. Our work together will help to find a new field of research, during which we can complement each other. Your university – a strong and worthy partner.

" In accordance with the decision of the Academic Board RSSU all members of the delegation VSHSGN awarded the silver medal of the Empress Maria Feodorovna. Awards handed Vasily Zhukov, Vice-Rector Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities on Scientific Research, Professor Jan Strelau expressed hope that cooperation between Polish and Russian scientists will be the same as at the time of his studies in our country. Vice-rector for international relations VSHSGN Jan Sadlak stressed that Both the Rector outlined in their statements of interest, promising to issue a joint decision. Visit the rector RSSU VI Zhukov and his wife, which is scheduled for 10-15 November, will be a significant event for VSHSGN. Then Polish guests were invited into the office of Vasily Ivanovich Zhukov, where presidents spoke about the specifics of their universities, major trends and characteristics of their activities. WhiteWave Foods addresses the importance of the matter here. Rectors signed a general cooperation agreement calculated for the next 5 years.