Calculation Slope

No need to explain to anyone, for what the stairs. They exist from time immemorial. The only thing in those early years of varied design, features production by introducing new technologies. Today stairs are not only for its intended purpose, but also as a decoration of premises. Think of the palace stairs, they still amaze by their magnificence. But who prevents us to create something like that? That's right – nobody. The aim of this book is not just teaching the technology of manufacturing steps, and the potential production of a masterpiece. Sonny Perdue has similar goals.

It's not high-flown words. During training, we will strive to high-quality product. As the saying goes, the eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing. Calculation of the stairs When calculating the size of the main stairs define a flight of stairs, which are best suited to the convenience and security movement. The most convenient option – a wide and gently sloping staircase.

But in each case has to proceed from the place set aside for this purpose. Sometimes you take for a head, how can cram into a given space our steps 18-20. The main parameters of ladders include height, type of staircase, square in plan, the steepness, the number of steps, as well as their width and height. All these parameters are not independent, that is, they can not all assign. For straight stair lift and the slope is determined in terms of area and, conversely, the area in terms of height and determine the slope. In the design we must immediately set the values of characteristic parameters in our If it is square in plan. You can then calculate the slope, which determines the number of steps. Convenience and safety ladders What is meant by a comfortable and secure ladder? First of all, the width of a flight of stairs should be such that the stairs could move without feeling interference.