Android Smartphone

The other day one of my classmate who got me telefonchik platform Android (Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3), I argued vehemently that the Nokia with its Symbian platform it yesterday! I, honestly, but do not recognize any Noky phones at all, so I decided wonder whether the company plans to Nokia in the future to use the Android OS for their devices. A little digging to find the network on the site so here’s TechCrunch – Google CEO Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) tried to convince the manager to use Nokia Android operating system for its smartphones. Recall now the Finnish company is headed by Stephen Ilop (Stephen Elop), formerly part of a team of top managers Microsoft. Him and called last week to discuss Schmidt this question. This was told reporters, “informed” source. True, that responded to the offer Ilop, not reported. Earlier, incidentally, has already speculated that Nokia can start using the Android operating system for its products or even with the arrival of Stephen Ilopa move to Windows Phone 7. However, the latter assumption is a Finnish manufacturer officially denied.

Now Nokia makes every effort to overcome the crisis and return to their former positions in the mobile market. To do this, it develops just two of their own operating system – Symbian and MeeGo. Although it is likely to use popular now, Android could be pros. “I wonder, does not it?) I think if the Finnish company will start producing its products are not only on the operating system Symbian, and other platforms, the global market leader in mobile phones will be provided for a couple of years ahead! True lucky owners telefonNokia N900 now (!) Can experience Android operating system, to be exact OS NITDroid (Google Android).