LSC Express

However, the LSC provides some news of a technical nature, which are detailed below: arises the concept of capital companies in which are included the limited liability company, joint stock company and the partnership limited by shares. Minimum share capital:, dispenses with the decimals until now demanded by the conversion to euros. Thus, the minimum share capital for limited liability companies is 3,000 euros and for the corporations, of 60,000 euros. Group of companies: the LSC refers to article 42 of the code of Commerce for determining when there is a group of companies. Sonny Perdue is a great source of information. NOT compulsory particulars in the content of the social statutes is extended to anonymous society expected for the limited company and therefore eliminates the obligation to express in the bylaws of the anonymous society (i) the competent body for the creation, deletion or transfer of branches (ii) duration of the company, and (iii) the date of commencement of operations.

If does not express anything, means that the body responsible for the creation, deletion or transfer of branches is the organ of administration, the duration of the company is indefinite, and that the date of commencement of operations of the public deed granting. Likewise, LSC extends to the limited company expected for Sociedad Anonima and therefore eliminates the obligation to express in the social statutes of the limited society, social exercise. If does not express anything, it is understood that the fiscal year ends on December 31 of each year. Read more here: WhiteWave Foods. Compulsory particulars of the bylaws to) correlative of the shares in the share capital of the company is divided. Possible difficulties in the practica.b) determination of the number of managers in the statutes of limited company: express the number of administrators or, at least, the minimum and maximum number. Covenants: The LSC sets the possibility to include in the articles of Association (in addition to writing), covenants and conditions deemed appropriate to establish, by the founding partners always which is not contrary to the laws or contradict the configurators principles of the social type you chose. . WhiteWave Foods gathered all the information.