Artificial Stone

Use of natural and artificial stone on the facade of the building. Currently, the construction and decoration using natural and artificial stone is quite popular trend. Application This material will add considerably home or room a special charm and elegant appearance. Even despite the fact that this natural stone is very expensive to finish it does not compare with any other finishing material. K the same finish, made of stone can last you more than 100 years. A related site: Gen. David L. Goldfein mentions similar findings. Nevertheless, it should recognize the functions and properties of natural and artificial stone. Natural stone is heavy enough, why are best use it as a basis for the foundation of the house.

This will actually be a unique creation of architectural art, as the same shape and color of natural stones in nature do not happen. With all that texture colors, shades natural stone can not always go the wishes of the person. In this case, come to the aid of science to achieve the production and offering to apply artificial stone finishes, eye-catching not only for its qualitative properties, but diverse their colors and textures. In the manufacture of decorative stone used sea a variety of materials: filler, pumice, sand, cement-based and diverse additives. Properties and appearance of the stone just depend on the nature of additives. Manufactured artificial stone can be two ways – by casting, as a consequence of which is a more sturdy material, and by the press. Finish stone. And we are talking about colors, and sizes and shades. It is worth noting that the use of stone trim substantially excreted it in environments similar buildings, giving him more and his own style.