Portugese Travel

Saying after that Severino it was rank in a strategical position inside of the balloon and after that confused he was therefore its translator its parents would not segueria travel. After that the balloon to the few was going up. First contact with the Balloon of American researchers. It wise person if did not speak or waited the foreigners to say that Portuguese wise person, the trip was emotive but she did not have no exchange of information and the Americans mapearam alone it one hour and another one tried to say something but wise person if would not offend the visitors. Source: Jack Fusco. The sensation to fly in some minutes brought it peace, smoothness, joy and per some minutes it forgot that place and already it did not have sadness in the brightness of the look, hunger called that it, it can perceive that to fly age a sensation that trying would only know, at other moments its belief or made to arrive to think that it would be in the point highest of the sky but in same time its studies showed to you that only they were in a layer above of the ground being of the Lithospere and that they were going up therefore the balloon obtained to be light for the force of the combustion of the gas.

Those moments that had on average lasted forty and five minutes had been the best sensation of the life of Severino and that it would never forget it. Although all the occured things in that day it were not entristesseu, but if it decided that it would go to study English so that in the next time that appeared a oportunodade and that it conquered it was ready to communicate and to increase its knowledge. CAP..