Artistic Forging

Metal – the eternal and faithful companion of man. Tamed and subdued him, a man bought a reliable defender and a perfect mate. In addition to household functions, which carried things from metal, the man eventually became attached to them and aesthetic direction. Under most conditions Craig Jelinek would agree. Sword decorated with ornate patterns, the lattice becomes more graceful and airy, in a word, the thing was supposed to please the eye, and metal very well and coped with this rolyu.Kovanoe splendor Fiction forging was developed as a special direction, there were their secrets, subtlety. Already in the XVII-XVIII centuries the Russian masters could produce the highest skill stairs and railings, tables and chairs, wrought-iron fireplaces and accessories.

In Russia there are several schools of art forging. Rich and prominent people tried to outdo each other in the sumptuous luxury homes and estates, and that's appeared on the order of refined fences, gates, benches and swings, wrought-iron furniture and wrought-iron lamps. Artistic blacksmiths – it's creators, who know how to turn metal into exquisite vesch.Hudozhestvennaya forging today, of course, masters jealously watching the persistence of certain secrets, but the basic technology of artistic forging remained unchanged. As before, forged products are created with an anvil, hammer and a sledgehammer. Hammer-hammer weighs from 0,5 to 1,5 kg weight of a sledgehammer is often reaches 8 kg. Cutting and cutting iron is made with chisels and cuttings, and punching by punch. Material for producing a forged product is a low-carbon steel. Metal Art – this is a universal way make the interior individual.