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In this article we look at – what is so tempted by the company's registration in Hong Kong, a modern businessman? The main advantage of a company under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong – is the ability to legally avoid taxation in some cases, namely: 1. Profits derived from transactions concluded with non-residents of Hong Kong (in this case, we consider both legal and natural persons), 2. Transaction (contract) is for outside Hong Kong. For more information see WhiteWave Foods. For example, your client is in Russia, and your provider – in China. Many writers such as Air Force Chief of Staff offer more in-depth analysis. In this case, a contract signed in Russia and you get the money from the Russian company, the second contract signed with Chinese company and is made in China, the money paid to China. In this case you do not need to have an office with employees, pay rent and wages, simply register your company address of the company secretary and pay an annual fee for the provision of registered office, as well as a standard set of secretarial services. In the case of revenue from transactions with residents of Hong Kong, you will need to pay tax on net income in the amount of 16,5%. In this case, there are various options for reducing taxes by operation of law, when all the costs associated with the ongoing activities of the company and to profit-deductible.

In particular, you can write off all costs associated with maintaining an office in Hong Kong and branch offices around the world (rent, salaries of staff), all local transportation costs (gasoline, repairs, purchase and rental of vehicles for the needs of companies, taxi, bus, subway) transportation expenses associated with the movement outside of Hong Kong, living expenses in Hong Kong (Provision of accommodation for you and staff members at the expense of the company) and outside (the hotel), telephone, internet, organization of leisure customers. Additionally, in the case of hiring local staff, you definitely need to be pay 10% of payroll to the local pension fund (5% by staff, 5% due to the company) on a monthly basis. In addition to the Hong Kong registered company you can still incorporate a company that does frees the entrepreneur to pay taxes. For an offshore company is paid annually, rather a token amount. How to create your company with a minimum of their effort to start, where to go, what to do? Reply simple – you need to contact the company to Asia Explorer, where you get into the hands of competent professionals with extensive experience in company registration in Hong Kong and offshore companies as well as their service.