Buckingham Palace

The same applies to natural stone: it is certainly good, but difficult to processing and packing, and easy to care during the operation. The modern man on this banal may not be time. On the other hand, we can choose granite that looks virtually indistinguishable from "first hand", which is easily installed and, if bored, can easily be replaced by another. This, incidentally, is a sign of our times: Today Interiors "forever" is not the honor, life is changing too quickly and tastes. Therefore, the simulation – an indispensable tool for designers and architects …. " We elevates deception … Sometimes the need in "deception" is forced. For example, if the restoration or reconstruction of historical buildings, or the need to write new to the existing architectural context.

For example, for the old houses typical placement of windows with stained glass windows. Simply put, the frame is divided into many small sections. Replace them with modern windows without losing the sense of authenticity is simply impossible, and play technology half to two centuries ago – is expensive and pointless. And here again on the scene simulation. "Today there are many solutions that can be used to replace the windows in a historic building without altering its appearance, – said Rafic Alekperov, head of the company Propleks. – For example, you can use so-called "false Imposts. These thin decorative profiles glued to the glass on the inside and outside. Thus simulated antique window frames. Continue to learn more with: Jack Fusco.

As a result, self-adhesive bridge can reduce the production of such windows: visual separation skylights do not require production more double-glazed windows and additional impost. Due to this cnizhaetsya and cost of the finished product. " No less frequently in the repair or reconstruction of old buildings have to recreate the stucco. And if the historically valuable homes were forced to play the technology, then, for object "simpler" is most often used simulation – from plaster linkrusty or polyurethane. With regard to gypsum, this material is quite traditional, when it is necessary to simulate marble or alabaster. With linkrustoy harder: it is a finishing material simulating stucco, whose history dates back to 1877. Inventor linkrusty – Frederick Walton, the father of all the familiar linoleum, mixed in chopped flour sawdust with linseed oil, chalk, wax and rosin. The result is a dense mass, and solidifies firmly holding the specified terrain. Has the added convenience and the fact that this "psevdolepnina" produced in rolls like wallpaper (it also made today). Material was not only comfortable and beautiful, but also persistent: still intact interiors of Buckingham Palace, decorated linkrustoy. But nowadays, of course, palm in imitation stucco keeps high strength and ultra-lightweight material – polyurethane foam. With it you can easily recreate the most complex examples of plaster decoration, good, that the range of manufacturers suggest, indeed, endless. Especially because polyurethane mount is very simple – just a cylinder with "liquid nails" and conventional construction pistol. 'Ah, fool me not hard! .. I delude myself happy! .. ' – Words Pushkin, familiar from childhood, have become conventional wisdom stamp. However, from this they have become less loyal. And certainly they appear to be an imitation, without which today's architecture and design. Fortunately, that quality "Bogus", allow us to solve the most complex interior problem, today is a huge amount. Press office Kerama Marazzi