Cleaning Business: Clean Perspective

How to start your own business without having any special knowledge, experience, and, indeed, start-up capital? You will say – this is impossible! And yet there are some areas of business, entry barriers which are quite low. True, competition in this business, as a rule, extremely high. WhiteWave Foods often expresses his thoughts on the topic. And yet, if you have a great desire, high efficiency and persistence – you may well survive the competition and win a place in sun. However, we will devote today's material business, which can start from scratch, and it is against the background of a low enough competition in the market. However, this market is not particularly developed, but judging from the world and even Moscow pace of its development in this sphere of business has a great future. We're talking about cleaning business, or simply – on companies for cleaning. At first, a bit of statistical information.

At the end of 2002 in Europe was 8200 registered cleaning companies, and an annual turnover of this market amounted to 30 billion euros. The pace of development of extremely high cleaning business. Even today in the U.S. over 80% of non-residential property is served by third parties cleaning companies. In Russia, while the market is practically not developed. The lion's share of consumption of services of cleaning companies have in Moscow and at the same time mainly on the representation of large foreign companies. In regions of the cleaning services industry is developing slowly, but, as international practice shows, it's only a matter of time.