Concrete Production

Gone are the days when the concrete mix with a shovel. In today's world can not do without the use of high technology, even in this simple at first glance, actually. In today's market there are a number of manufacturers offering fully automated batching plants. Such a plant can automate the entire process of preparation of concrete, timely ordering of raw materials, precise dosing and, if necessary, distribution of concrete. One of the leading manufacturers of such equipment is a Danish company SKAKO. The company manufactures concrete plants of various configurations and performance. It has supplied its equipment to various projects.

One of the most ambitious project is the Oresund. This is a traffic artery, connecting Sweden, Denmark and Germany. As part of the construction of the pipeline were built several gigantic bridges, the length of one of which is 16 km. Some time ago the company introduced to the market SKAKO line of modular concrete plants SKAKO MODULAR SERIES. Due to the modular design provides unparalleled flexibility in configuration and equipment performance. All plants range combines quality and service to the European level. Each concrete factory is equipped with concrete mixers APOLLO, which is rightfully considered the best available in the market moment. In general, those who currently choose the provider of a concrete plant, should look closely at the equipment company SKAKO. For more information on concrete equipment company SKAKO can be found at Online