Manager Activities

It is possible that his team prefer to manage him based on sales. Sales are easy to conceal or argue, while activities cannot be conceal, disguise or justify, which are. Arguments as. Will close it next week… I was but I wasn’t…Not no client found the wreck is high. they are difficult to argue if we focus on the management of activities. A high price is high for all sellers, or at least for most.

When most sell it, the price is not high, simply is an apology from the seller. Sellers objectives must be fixed on the basis of activities, not just sales. Like sales targets, the objectives of activity must be accepted how realistic and achievable by each salesperson. If a seller accepts as possible and achievable to make 25 prospecting calls per day, you must perform them. If a seller accepts as possible and achievable 5 interviews a day, you must perform them.

Sellers must assume responsibility for meeting their goals, not only veins but activity. The fulfilment of the objectives of activity, is the greatest guarantee of fulfilment of the sales target. If your sales team achieves the aim of activity, don’t worry its sales target: Las Ventas they will arrive. The pressure of an objective of activity, always offers better results than a pressure sales. Imagine the example before. From today does a team of 5 sellers, who made 125 daily contacts, 25 interviews for sale, and best of all 5 sales a day! who not achieved their sales targets?. And it has not needed the pressure of sales target, only personal and each seller’s own pressure, becoming responsible for the performance of its activity. The key to success in this type of management, found in the daily report of the activity of each seller. This report should not contain only numbers of contacts, interviews, and sales. It should contain names and contact phone numbers of customers, along with valuable information such as: possibilities of sale, product offered, etc. In this way the team leader, Sales Manager, or Manager can perform not only track the activity and sales, but a sales forecast, and one update of different activity/outcome ratios. From today, we can influence those activities that better results contribute to each vendor, trying to promote them, and we can act to correct those activities that worst results provide the seller, dedicating the time necessary to sales courses or training or those activities concrete, which soon will translate into better sales results. Focus on fixing, monitoring and compliance activities, along with the accompaniment in interviews of sale, and specific training actions, is the best path to success in our sales target.