Czech Republic

When they pay to you the transfer of ownership for these tangible and intangible values that are no less (and sometimes even more) valuable than the room itself. With a deal similar note, what you get: Physical and intangibles What equipment will belong to you, which enjoys a reputation establishment. How much it might cost? Assess the adequacy of the price. Remember that for otstutpnye can try to bargain. Form transmission of values to be vigilant when you offer to buy the business form of selling shares in the firm, which led to this kind of business.

Firm that the transaction could be yours, may well have a history of evil both in terms of government and taxes and debts, which are virtually impossible to verify. If the seller refuses usual for situations like this contract assignment of lease and sale equipment and trademarks, it is worth to think seriously about the purity of his intentions. Lease agreement on the conditions under which a contract of lease with the owner of the premises. Advantageous if a restaurant with a rental cost? Have gone there you realize all the business intentions of the unexpired term of the lease? Can I landlord to renegotiate the lease? If a given set of questions you have a clear answer, is about errors in the conduct of business by the previous owner, has a clear idea of what to do and how, or even better – a specific plan, then most likely you should accept the proposed transaction. If there were any doubts, carefully evaluate the pros and cons, look for similar options.

Not uncommon to see a proposal to pay compensation only for the right of assignment of lease on the premises. Do not immediately reject such a proposal. Despite the fact that you do not receive tangible and intangible assets in the property, may well be that the mere lease of commercial premises will allow you to receive the profits. Often this situation can be found for the premises which is ideally located for business in the area of services for local people and tourists. Scheme described above is common in the Czech Republic not only in restaurants and gentlemen (Restaurants, focused on the local population in residential areas), but most hotels, guesthouses, hostels, bars and car dealerships and shops. Do not be afraid to compensation. Just to avoid any hasty start business. When planning your business consider the specifics of the Czech market, or consult the professionals in this industry, so that your decision was balanced and pleasing you increase profits. Good luck to you in running your own business in Czech Republic!