Money Transfers

Remittances – a way to smuggle the money from one point to another through the banking, postal system or the Internet. The chain consists of remittances from the sender, recipient, and broker receives a percentage for their services. There are two types of remittances. Domestically made domestic money orders, and outside the country – foreign. With the development of the global economy and communications system of money transfers are becoming global and comprehensive. Because the maximum competitive advantage is given one to take at a minimum cost to offer the client the maximum opportunity. As a result of development the market has passed in two directions.

On the one hand supercheap electronic systems that do not require human intervention, but do not have a mass of infrastructure. And on the other – an expensive but powerful service with a high degree of penetration around the world. The choice of system for remittances depends on several factors: valyutysummy perevodavremeni, during which you want to translate. Key Money Translation CyberDengui accomplished via Russia. The main advantages of this method to transfer money is branching of the postal network and its coverage of the most remote corners of the country. Money transfer being implemented for 3 days.

Maximum sum – 100 thousand rubles. and the cost to the sender from 1% to 5% of the perevoda.Sberbank Russia. To urgently transfer money from Savings Bank of Russia is possible only for 24 hours. Charge for its mediation, he 1,75% of the amount transferred.