Information Management

The search comes to an end after information in numerous applications – configurable wall allows a uniform information collection in Lindau (Lake Constance), Geneva (Switzerland), March 1, 2012 – genius presents a new version of its project and portfolio management software inside genius project. As the company announced today, is the new version for the improvement of communication in companies and combines the strengths of the collaboration of social networking with the highly structured processes of the business world. Genius stressing inside, that flexibility or adequate management control were not lost. Genius project version 7.0 includes a number of new collaboration features, as it is partially from social-media sites like XING and Facebook. The new summary page, which is similar to a social-media wall, status and updates linked and thus has the advantage that you do not jump back and forth have between emails, calendar, reminders, and project management applications. Project team members receive immediate Access to current information such as: action items project history pending action items protocols and documents pending tasks and deadlines of the project members the new collaboration tools simplify the user dealing with the different applications. New employees gain this insight faster and can work up more easily in a matter. The genius project shows immediately on a configurable bulletin board all information 7.0 user interface, in addition, this information can be sorted and filtered.

Individual items, which are payable in arrears or for which immediate action etc. is required, can be highlighted. Integrated calendaring and an interactive timeline, users can check the status of a project at any time. The user interface also includes basic functions, as they are commonly used in project management, about delivery times, preparation of project inquiries, status updates or jumpstarting approval cycles. The new information management functions, that behind version 7, allow to sort their information views project team members and to adapt.