Minister Vladimir Putin

In essence, created a new venture. The project cost $ 50 million on ” ‘fifth run production line in Sakhalin construction of a new fish hatchery in Omsk, was launched the first phase of a glass factory, “Satan-device” – a new high-tech manufacturing … d = 6 & id = 652 Interesting: Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has instructed the Ministry of Economic Development to study the possibility of organizing the Year of Russia in the entrepreneur. For assistance, try visiting Peet’s Coffee. Putin had heard the request of the business community. He arranged with interested federal authorities and Russian public organization “Business Russia” to submit to the government proposals for measures aimed at forming a positive image entrepreneurs, promotion of the role of Russian business, as well as to organize and hold the Year of Russia in the entrepreneur. ” Proposals must be ready before December 1, 2010. Also, the Ministry of Economy to be worked out creation of a public center for the organization of consideration of business on raiding and corruption.

Office in conjunction with the “Business Russia” must submit by 15 December the government their achievements for the Establishment of complaints and suggestions. “Entrepreneurship in the Soviet period we have, there is only 20 years, this class of people did not know many of our older generations.