Alexander – the one who wrote me a question about the weeping wall. Remember? So he actually went on the correspondence. I just do not cause it, as written about it a lot material. Here is his letter. … Thank you very much for answering my vopros.Vy all accurately described and disclosed the subject matter. The point, surely, is that the wall is really cool. The walls of silica brick, rather than red.

I warmed half of the homes inside the foam, the result is terrible, a foam walls are black and wet in the full sense, for it flows moisture. The foam had to be removed. A wall of warm air from the land of a fan. The walls dry out, but after turn off the airflow through two or three days they start to sweat again, though certainly not the way it was under the foam. The house definitely be warm outside, and I'll do it no matter what the cost. Health more … Here so, dear Igor! It happens and is not as good as you! So what do you think? Maybe all it is worth poteoretizirovat to understand, so to speak, why? Dear Readers, Note that I am not writing for Igor and not for Alexander.

I I write for a lot of people, all of you attending the Internet and facing the same type of problems. That is why I never write that if someone is wall insulation foam from the inside, they had always get wet or, conversely, nothing bad will happen. And I write carefully. They say there is a danger, it is likely, etc. Under these conditions, condensate will drop out, and if such does not fall out. How can you give unequivocal advice when each from your own home, your climate, your walls and your probemy? So I'm trying to give a theory that everyone can, instead, to do and see what happens first consider your project, to be safe and, ultimately, nice save.