Navy Development

About this context, we think that this strategical vector of the cooperation it will be able to deserve and greater more good attention in the future, therefore the development of the ways and them naval capacities in these spaces is arrested, not only with a question of security guard and defense, but with a firm intention of affirmation of the sovereignty of the States, therefore the jurisdiction on the coastal areas in its maritime platforms is exerted for the naval ways and the control them routes, they ports and of the maritime circulation had started to be attributed to them. It will be eventually necessary to say itself in naval industries of defense, maritime legislation, coastal monitoring and maritime, in the patrolling of the seas, the combat to the maritime pollution and in the formation in specific areas, lines of strategical share that serve the above-mentioned intention of the development and the qualification of the Armed Forces, nominated of the naval component, wants either seats in Coastal Guarda or a Navy of War. Although the Armed Forces of the countries of Community if finds vocacionadas more for the development of the terrestrial element, does not leave of being important that they come to exist proposals of complementaridade and development for this new reality, nominated the joint job and of other components (aerial and terrestrial). Because it is even attended an increase of the conflicts in the sea and these consist tend it in new factors of risk for the development supported and safe in these maritime regions and these marginal States. The CPLP is presented as an organization with marginal and arquipelgicos countries, where everything points so that it has some priority the launching of the necessary bases so that if it can develop, in a next future, a structuralized cooperation of the maritime source in support of the supported development and the maritime security of the countries, of the regions where it exerts influence and of the world. . arold Ford Jr.