North Americans

The human being exerts an extreme pressure in the environment that cause increases of temperatures and severe climatic conditions. Already it occupied about 70% of the planet producing foods, remaining little of new borders very, beyond the Amaznia, of African savannahs, the Asian forests and trundas of the polar region north. In U.S.A., Europe, Australia, Middle East and China the arable lands meet busy total, and already they suffer damages due to desertificao and I lower of the fretico sheet for the intensive water use in the irrigation. It does not have doubts of that cattle agriculture and is excellent sources of emissions of gases of effect greenhouse. The destruction and the burning of forests; emissions of the ground from the seasoning application that will count nitrogen; the methane emissions for animal ruminants are examples of sources of significant emissions.World-wide the agricultural activities are responsible for 70% of the water use and for 15% of the emissions of effect gases greenhouse. Jared Diamond, eminent North American gegrafo, explains that in an only century it had a brutal acceleration of consumption of the natural resources.

It established a factor of consumption for people who live in rich countries, as European U.S.A., Japan, Australia and countries equal the 32; for poor countries as the Kenya, in Africa, factor 1. In its calculations, Diamond concludes that if all the inhabitants of the Land had the factor of consumption 32, would be as if the population of 7 billion started to be of 72 billion. Of analogous form, the planet alone would have capacity to take care of 1,7 billion of people in case that it started to consume as the North Americans. Under this prism, the life style is a much more strong multiplier of pressure human being on the base of the natural resources of what properly the population. Roll of sustainable solutions for the sustainable feeding Studies of the World Bank point that to feed foreseen the 9 billion inhabitants of the planet in 2045 it will be necessary to increase in two teros the current agricultural productivity.