One Two To Hear

The most famous rock band from Ireland and one of the most consolidated on the international music scene. While were born as a small group of his homeland, the commitment that its members, Bono, lead singer and guitarist, The Edge, guitarist, keyboard and vocals, Adam Clayton, were low, and Larry Mullen Jr., drums and percussion, he made that they were gradually making a hole in the difficult world of music. The quality of his lyrics, sound of melodies and interpretative force of all of them got that millions of people around the world were followers of the group, which was born as a claim to an announcement that the battery put in the newspaper. You never know how things may arise and, in the majority of occasions, life gives so many twists and so many unexpected surprises that we never know where it will lead us. As happened to these Irish guys, who never would have thought of at first in that would become the band’s highest-paid music from around the globe. His concerts always they are full of fans who make endless queues to see and hear their idols closely. However, get tickets to enjoy their live shows is often a real Odyssey. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss out, it’s better you espabiles and you’re aware of the date of sale. So it poses a great problem, a system that will allow you to get your tickets with astounding ease you put at the fingertips (enters tickets u2 to prove the date of their upcoming concerts). For general information, visit tickets sale and see all the shows that will take place in Spain.