Wimbledon Rafael

Breezes shaking the leaves of trees comes with rumours of rain and accompanies quedo step of Rafael Nadal, who now faces in the second round of the United States open the Luxembourger Gilles Muller. They have already rested ice bags on the legs of the Spanish. On their quadriceps and their ischio, electrified on Sunday by two violent cramps, hands of Rafael Maymo, your physiotherapist will have endeavoured already. About those explosive muscles in fullness during the practice, they have already acted moisturizers and protein drinks. Nadal is training good morning, avoiding the heat.

During the tournament, the cement of the tracks has reached 50 degrees. There is an epidemic of blisters, describes Ignacio Munoz, the doctor of the Federation. Worst: 14 tennis players have abandoned their parties (the record was 12, in Wimbledon 2008) and four others even came to dispute them. Source of the news:: the invoice of the cement