Panopticon is a laboratory a of power that will solve the problems of surveillance. Looking around my neighborhood in search of artifacts that refer to this system and, in order to make this article, I suddenly realized I had much to elaborate on this aspect of the area where I live, but experienced only in fragments specific time. I used for this task in my own building, which is equipped with a security system very typical of the times. However, talking to my son about the project in the works (it’s computer), I was startled to see the extent that this concept can achieve in the near future. The project to which I will turn and I’ll take some data, aims to computerize, automate, inform, monitor and ensure the tasks that the elderly and persons residing with them to perform.

To place, we have to think soon, with more than 65 years, this event is just around the corner, according to demographic studies in 2025 over 50% of the Western population will be at that age, resulting in economic restructuring, political, social resulting therefrom. a As Foucault says a The biological traits of a population become relevant elements for economic management, and it is necessary to organize them around a device that ensures your submission, and especially the steady increase of its function within . anything more clear: We’re a society that leads to a say envejecimientoa and gerontology professionals, often the answers given to the current challenges of aging do not correspond to the degree of technological and social development.