South Central Amazonia

Mankind has the choice to direct its policies in the context of the rights of nature or to continue the spiral of consumption and exploitation. a Of course as indicated ecportal. net, this is the position of the CONAIE and has been the cornerstone of the political project of the Nationalities and Peoples: territorial rights guarantees as this will strengthen efforts to protect ecosystem fundamental to life and balance on the planet. Hence the reason the trachea contoda manifeste Indigenous Peoples worldwide demand firmly respect for our rights. a M is the deep essence of our opposition to the expansion of the oil frontier to the South Central Amazonia. a It is emphasis placed on not wanting to spread and repeat the tragedy of Northern Amazonia, where pollution levels are among the highest in the world a Emphasis is ena comment that the energy crisis is not a coincidence.

It is the result of the breakdown of the water cycle, the result of depletion of forests, the imposition of monocultures of species such as pine, cypress, teak, which consume large amounts of water. All this has been being told by our people. This was the reason for claiming the rights of nature in the new constitution. To this end we demand to include the principles of the Pacha Mama and Sumak Kausay. Now is when we have the Ecuador show the world that can be example of consistency, accountability and respect for life: let the neoliberal economic model characteristics, abandon the arms race, debt irrational, and go together to a proposed company and country of rights and law.