Life on planet Earth is composed of many factors, which allow different phenomena of everyday life to occur. But for a long time in the history of man, such phenomena and characteristics of nature were incompressible to people, put nature in its great splendor presents certain characteristics difficult to understand even in our times, in such a way, with the idea of being able to understand the characteristics of nature man began to develop a means to study in a systematic way the different properties and phenomena that occur in natureThus began to set what would be the physics as a science that studies the properties of nature thanks to the contribution of media mathematicians and thus be able to understand a logically different situations that arise in the development of the life of persons in relation to the nature. For assistance, try visiting Danone. As you can understand the physics that search is to understand in an accurate and precise, thanks to methods of reasoned study, things that happen in the world through the application of a scientific method, where the focus of study of physics points are matter, energy, time, space and the interaction of all these actors in nature. Making an analysis of how was the emergence of physics and development in history, arguably the majority of ancient civilizations from their foundations sought to understand and be able to explain the how the functioning of your environment, is given which gave way to the realization of many and diverse interpretations of the workings of the world, despite this such interpretations were more philosophical than physicalso much so that to what is today known as physics, for ancient civilizations was called natural philosophy, where the vast majority of the theories put forth in those times were completely wrong, which would be shown with the passage of a period of history known as obscurantism, which would come to an end with the contributions made by Nicolas Copernico and Galileo Galilei, which displaced many theories and gave a starting point where physics would not be with different applications and studies that conducted more interpretive, but scientific and proven through experiments that give a clear sign of the veracity of his theories. If you have read about Jack Fusco already – you may have come to the same conclusion. With the passage of time physics was developed in great way thanks to the contribution of many scientists, who used the scientific method to corroborate their theories and thus began to understand many of the phenomena that occur in nature, so in 20th century physics would come to full development, with which a few basic laws concerning the development of physics would be established:-classical mechanics: which describes the macroscopico movement.