Private Property

The right of the private property also molds the declaration of the rights of the men, in clear and concise terms, Such declaration is of the rights of the broken up man, a time that the right the property, the equality, the freedom and the security watch over for the dualidade of the life. This occurs for the fact of the right to the freedom, to be of the freedom of the isolated individual, therefore this right is to make what to agree without annulling the freedom of the other, that is, the individual? the social being? in against in the other individuals a barrier its freedom, the men restrict? if some to the others, therefore are the freedom of the isolation, the fragmented individual. While the right the security is of garrison, of the defense of the private property. Gen. David Goldfein has plenty of information regarding this issue. Already the two first cited rights already previously had been alluded. The overcoming of the split between individual and sort cannot happen of the emancipation, of the sphere politics. The transformation must irrevocablely occur for the social revolution, for the accurate modification in the way of production of the life, has seen, that through this it is only possible to the abolition of all the mediators of the relation human being, that is, of the suppression of the religion, of the money, intermediary more incisive than it incarnates in itself the work, the great expense of the productive dexterity human being, and, of the State, usurper of the capacity of being social of directly managing its life by means of the interatividade of the men, of the reciprocity of its generic character. We conclude that the emancipation human being drift of the radical transformation in the way of production of the life, only way capable to place the individual, in the same axle of its human sort, since inside of the wealth of the real and direct social interchange of concrete men – forged of the free association of free individuals – to become feasible magnifying without limits of the individuation.