Red Edition

Garmin Ltd. has decided to turn his gaze toward the beautiful half of humanity and made two special versions of their GPS-navigators: nuvi 250 light rose, and the nuvi 760 black diamond. New items that differ from the basic models of buildings decorated with colorful crystals, for sure will please many women drivers. Those who are not yet ready to thousands of sunbeams scattered through the cabin a GPS-navigator, the company offers a simple solution – navigators in color buildings – Blue, White, and Red Edition. Nuvi 760 black diamond Nuvi 205 Blue Nuvi 205 White Nuvi 250 light rose So you mozhte familiar with the standard models: Garmin nuvi 205, nuvi 205w, nuvi 760, as well as alternative models of the nuvi 760 th – Garmin nuvi 710. So there are many other GPS-woman cooks for ….. GPS-system of Binatone created specifically for women.

Like any other personal handheld device, a satellite navigator can have a "masculine" or "feminine" design. This is the opinion company Binatone, has launched a new navigation device called the Carrera S350. New product designed for the female audience and has all the relevant characteristics: compact, easy to operate, nice looking design and supplied the panels with different color solutions. Navigator equipped with preloaded maps of UK and Ireland, has a search function by zip code, and supports the normal and three-dimensional image. And as an added bonus provides an opportunity use it as a music / video player or device for viewing photos.