The Conference

The owner of the former camp site in Jukkasjarvi offered a cold”accommodation, an igloo in the an art exhibition with ice sculptures to visit was. The Conference participants found the idea attractive and agreed to spend the night in an igloo. At the reception of the campsite you waited on the first night in vain on the escape of the guests, who no longer consider it due to the cold in the igloo. On the contrary, the next morning the guest came from their small ice hotel”and were thrilled and fascinated by the night in the ice. This was the birth of the first ice hotel. Today, people from all over the world visit the ice in Scandinavia and want to experience the fascination of ice to stay. Many visitors come from Japan, England and Germany.

The sanitary facilities are in an ice hotel of course designed to provide a certain level of comfort. A few compromises are necessary to allow a comfortable standard. It’s believed that music downloads sees a great future in this idea. The cold is no problem otherwise, because during their special overalls are offered, which are also used by snowmobile drivers. An ice hotel offers a unique atmosphere, which also provides for a great event used can be. Weddings are as popular in ice hotel. However, you should plan as early as possible so that nothing in the way of a spectacular wedding night. But also for other special occasions, an ice hotel offers the perfect backdrop.

Couples can together warm up in the cool rooms and enjoy an experience of a special kind. But also for families is worth a visit. For children and adolescents, the stay will be a reminder that remember their lives. Follow others, such as Debbie Staggs, and add to your knowledge base. The ice hotel is open between December and January and are open until April. When the warm season, the building melts and leaving only water. But in the winter the construction work begin again, so that at the turn of the year again an icy hotel is available for the numerous visitors from all over the world. Due to the worldwide high demand and the limited supply of rooms in an ice hotel, an early booking is advisable.