The Possibilities

Let us say that the reason for displacement of the citizen in face of the critical analysis is basic, really, because in this in case that the reach of the vision if directs of total form e, being in the center it proceeds from partial form and can limit the possibilities of an analysis. However with the semiotics this process of communication deals to enumerate the information perpassada for the culture and studies the regulation of the behaviors ahead of the performance of the citizens and the propagation of the signs. For the lingustica one exactly speech excites differentiated interpretations this makes in them to perceive that the proper language functions ideologically, offering to place the interpretation. In this way, to if considering the context, the involved relation with the other groups or citizens is possible to perceive the differences? vertical horizontal lines/- that they associate with the critical perception of the language and that (reverse speeds) also means its relations of matureness and power. However, we perceive that the radiofnica language reaches the different social classes and for not suffering to direct interference from the censorship its imparcialidade front to the daily situations it searchs to state the voice of the community.

But, led for the level of culture of the viewing listener/the possibility of this language exists to be decoded with one meaning only. This, however, characterizes the passivity of the citizen as part of an omission, ahead of the social character of the same language knowing ' ' conflitos' ' that it involves to it. We will be able to say that this encloses to those universal categories: primeiridade, secundidade and terceiridade, that is presented by Pierce (1983). Being thus analyzed, it can be understood that the first category makes use it a fast reading, inexact or vacant to a situation, the second category is about a decoding mere direct mechanics and, the third situation as it is presented by Pierce is when if it reflects, it analyzes and it investigates from the critical, basic look for the study of the ideologies and the possibilities of the language.