Two Days In Istanbul

Was going to write about something else, the more distant past, but in the course of Turkish subjects were asked to write about Istanbul. I was really there only once and not long, but talk about that time to see. Tickets to Istanbul were purchased from Aeroflot at the end of January to May Day celebrations. Preparing a birthday gift, so when choosing a country and the time was guided by the fact that no one will need to take time off and do a visa. And cost tickets are not very expensive compared with other cities, that is not so pitiful it was to spend the money on a short two-day trip.

April 30, flew out Friday after work. At that time, decided to go to Airport by train, not to meet with vacationers. Flying in 23.15, 3:00 to fly to Istanbul landed in the morning local. Taxi somewhere for 18-20 euro gave us to Taksim Square, where she was located our hotel. At 2 am in Istanbul were PLUGS! And walked down the street crowds.

I understand that Friday, but that is so. As a result, the taxi driver dropped us off in the area and found a way to go to the hotel, because it all fell and was no longer possible to drive. The reason for all this ugliness was simple. In Turkey, as well as in Russia celebrate May 1 demonstrations and folk festivals and already the night was something cut off. A Taksim Square – is the main place in town for such events. Of course, we did not know. In hotel were printed for the tourists with information about the festival and various warnings like not to attend Taksim Square and enjoy the nearest metro station, because it did not work. All in all, as we have … The weather was better than in Moscow, but not very hot.