Black Shark

'What a shame! " – Signed one of them, then spit and shook her stick somewhere in the direction of new buildings. You may find that Debbie Staggs can contribute to your knowledge. A few minutes later Uncle Fyodor tore the same on behalf of scratched Barsik and untwisted, the stranger threw back where he came, that is, upwards. Floor above lived, fared, so good drank away plumber Zabuldygin brutally the morning syndrome, chronic hangover. Sitting in the kitchen, glancing at his watch, then out the window fitter thought about life. At 10.01, recalling his behavior and the roar of the stricken fighter flew down the neighbor's cat. At 10.03 the neighbor's cat came back, paused for a moment in highest point of the trajectory, spreading her legs to the side, turned around its axis, recalling a locksmith Ka-50 'Black Shark', and, unable to cope with any laws of physics, much less the laws of aerodynamics, continued its decline. Zabuldygin firmly resolved to quit drinking.

Unhappy Barsik flew down, bypassing the floor by floor, and without incident would get to the ground if he had been at the level of the third floor did not fall for house painters. Painters did not do anything wrong. They painted the house, attaching cautionary sign to the bottom of his cot, so that a passer-by wrapping around the corner, first getting a few drops of green, either one or two more expensive white paint, and only then, his head thrown back, and read: 'Beware! Paint work! " Barsik, almost no splashing paint, a fish came into the bucket (all the judges – 9 points).