Lefebvre French History

In terms of conceptual features of lighting the French Revolution as a whole, then, according to E. Hobsbawm, before the Second World War, "" almost a merger of the republican, Jacobin, socialist and communist approach to the coverage of the French Revolution. " It was natural in the Popular Front, and later – the Resistance, who "made the biggest party the Communist Party of the Left." Work J. Lefebvre "The coming of the French Revolution," appeared before the war began, according to E. Hobsbawm, "the embodiment of ideas not only resistance but also the principles of the Republic III".

Jean Lefebvre – a special historian. In his biography of the researcher French reyulyutsii a milestone in terms of methodology separates the traditional study of the revolution with the new direction, which today is considered the most promising in the world of historiography. We are talking about his work "1789 Remi" (Art. 1932), where a historian has been carefully analyzing the impact of economic and social factors on the political, spiritual and psychological spheres of French society, reviewed the state his social psychology in the year of the revolutionary explosion. L. Febvre, in his review, called this book "The contribution of primary importance in the history of the Revolution" – the revolution is now endowed with the "bodily appearance." J. Lefebvre, according to L. Febvre, was able to explain the psychological mechanism of the wings of the Revolution unenlightened masses, inert village folk, and gave an excellent example to study the "collective psychology" of the revolutionary crowd (L.