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Many wonder what is the difference from the Sonar Pro Sonar Studio, when the conversation is about Cakewalk Sonar 7? For a start I advise to go to the portal for musicians. I do not understand what program is best suited for a house music without instruments, and whether there are full sound and what instruments should be suitable to purchase to start the creation of computer music? For example, in SampleTank 2 in my sound does not work, and in another softiny writes that the format is not supported. I recently started working with fl studio and for some reason, some tools do not work, although the volume exposed to the maximum. Naprimet FPC and Slayer generally silent. I was told that you need to go to the menu options-> settings and try different audio options 'I / O'. In an Internet little about disk imaging Noise Reduction, about professional audio. Need prog for music processing, as hochyu record sound through a conventional tape recorder. I recommend to remember that such a delay, reverb, dry sound. A Korg Nanoseries – very convenient device, I'm happy! I wonder what could be considered creative in the DJ? And yet, for example, does the concept of 'Hawk' does not contain a certain style and scope, giving to understand that this is the Hawk? The reason for the difference of sound Andromeda (Alesis Andromeda A6) from the classic analog synthesizers that based Andromedalezhit DCO (Digitally Controlled Oscillators), and the old analog synths based VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillators).