Distance Moves

Select the location where you will not be distracted from taking at least an hour and a half. Turn on the music and remember your way home. Remember how you got in step rhythm, how funny jumped the puddle, as slipped and tried to resist, waving his arms. Listen to the melody, rhythm, determine the step and start to move. Add corners, cut the distance a little more than hand movements, stops, pauses, waves. You should end up, not once, but then it will give results. You think that you have obtained all or you already know, and start fixate on the same, it becomes a lot of repetition.

It is easy to vary. Draw a little square on the pavement or the floor with chalk. Move around it, you'll see how it is not easy – to do simple steps, getting on squares and, of course, to the rhythm. I'm tired of it and – dance turn, start with the knee or even lying down, it immediately diversify your range of motion. Try to move at the same composition and fast and slow, in fact at the same melody may be a few performances. Try to translate the lyrics, because when the song made sense, it is possible to reflect the feelings with which people perform it.

And some things even depict motion, and some mundane things turn into a beautiful dance moves. Many well-known choreographers specialize in this. This is called an illustration. Use insulation. This is an interesting way improviza. They often use breakers, who dance the robot. This is when the body moves well on stage, first hand, then the head, then his right leg, head back, left arm, left leg, etc. This will force you to invent new moves by individual body parts. You'll have to make it work imagination, not to be repeated. Options are endless.