Farmland, WHAT IS IT? This is not the only place where we grow vegetables and fruit, not a place where we rest. It is our soul, our character. A place where we can realize our dreams and aspirations, our hopes. Starting with the smallest Pebble and ending than what – big deal. Since this is a faceless piece of land, but more on how we arrange everything depends on it and it will look like and for us owners. If Croft running and sloppy, then on the hosts will look the same. Well, here we have purchased or received this garden, it is not important, we need to decide how it will look like that on it we build and how to do it. To begin with we need to define what it is our homestead area, depends on what it can grow and what does not.

Therefore, we first make the drainage work, while excess moisture and ground water will not stagnate and the site will have the humidity, which is required for good plant growth, and will not harm them. Determine the location of drainage paving, and then proceed to its device. When we're done with the drainage works, we will have to decide which building and what kind of house we are in it construct. Immediately draw up a plan of buildings and place them in a way that it is comfortable and beautiful. The house should be located in the foreground of the plot, outbuildings and the back and on its borders.