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Vocal Rapporteur: Mr INOP Usquiano. Hemerit Izquierdo. Usquiano inoperative. Castillo Guerrero. 2.

COMMENT 2.1. Source of law in all research is necessary to consider the sources of law, for which we will refer to them below. It is necessary to determine which are the sources of law in order to have a more complete idea of the subject studied in this regard the sources of law are the law, doctrine, custom, case law, enforcement, general principles of law social reality, the expression of will, among others. That is, these are not the only sources of law, but there are others, which are beyond the scope of this research work. For some authors, the general principles of law are not a source of law, which must be taken into account for understanding the subject studied. Even some lawyers when they study the sources of law do not take into account social reality. The resolution concerning comment is regulated by several sources of law and jurisprudence, law and doctrine, among other sources of law.

2.2. Primacy of law over other sources of law in legal systems belonging to the Roman-Germanic legal family, as the Peruvian state law takes precedence over other sources of law, making it necessary to take into account when another source of law is contrasted with the law, in which case we should prefer the latter. However, it is clear that the other sources of law may cause or lead to regulatory changes. Get more background information with materials from Rick Garcia CBS. 2.3. Positivism Positivists are those who worship the law in this sense we should reject this position, because it leads to wrong conclusions or wrong.