Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

"The people known as the" goats ", arrived on the same machine " – this wicked anecdote could not be better characterizes the relationship to the forces of law and order not only in Russia but throughout the world – in video games. Being a cop – it's not cool. Their task – to prevent you from their cars – a dull consumables. But imagine how it would be a shame if the arrogant player suddenly is not pursued at the infamous Chevrolet Impala, and even brand-new Dodge Charger, but, say, on an exclusive, tuning Lamborghini Reventon for half a million euros! Role sort of cop-majeure does not seem shameful. It is this we offer to master in Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Poor old forgotten how prompt us flashers, cop on the left. Hard to believe.

The developers claim that Today no one will remember about the game ten years ago, because no numbers in the title you can not see. Meanwhile, this is the third game in the Need for Speed series, subtitled Hot Pursuit (the other two came in 1998 and 2002, respectively). The basic idea remains unchanged – police pursue racing hot rod. In a game that thought emasculated, reduced to the limit. A new concept called "cat and mouse". The bottom line. The world does not revolve around the navel smug racer. Once he violated the law, then it should run from the cops, and not throw right and left their cars on both sides of the roadway.