New Testament

You say you want a revolution Lennon/McCartney certainly has touched you hear that we need a change, that things cannot continue like, and you are very probably agree. However, like most people, perhaps don’t have idea of where to start. How change that has lasted for centuries, although it has expired? A revolution is, as its name indicates, a twist, almost always in a different direction. Historical revolutions have changed social circumstances and even the countries, although unfortunately not always to the benefit of the majority. And is that the real revolution, significant change cannot be only external. What serves overthrow a Government to put another with people that think exactly like those who dethroned? Thus, real change, turn, rotation, revolution, should be background, substance and not only shape. Here is the challenge.

How to change the background and the substance of each individual one society? I would say that it is almost impossible, utopian. Life barely to know oneself and try to change what does not favor us. But you know what’s best of all? That is more than enough. If we all applied changes to improve, become an effect domino take early permearia society and the world. So don’t you think, simply remember how changes the environment when you’re among a group of people whining and negative, or one of people positive and cheerful. For assistance, try visiting Carrier. And how change? we wonder this cruise travelers.

It is not easy, but yes there are historical and esoteric references to the first thing that we have to change: the mind. I recently read a book by Maurice Nicoll on the not so literal interpretation of the Bible. Was he narrates how the disciples asked Jesus about the dead at the hands of Pilate, and another tragedy in the city of Siloam. The Apostles wanted to know how deliver such fortune, and Jesus said to them: if ye will not repent, correreis the same fate. Interestingly, the word repent. According to the erudite author of this book, which is called the arrow in white, in Spanish the word repent appears in the entire New Testament translated incorrectly from the original Greek. Under most conditions Jack Fusco would agree. The word translated as repent in modern versions of the Bible is metanoia. And you know what mean metanoia in Greek? Change of mind. Goal is the transformation or revolution, noia comes from nous, meaning mind. The revolution of the mind. On the other hand, the word repent comes from the latin penitare, which means having penalty. Nothing to do. Jesus does not ask his followers to have penalty or suffering, being asked to change their way of thinking. In short, we want to let see tragedies have bad luck, live with sentences? Let’s change the mind. Transform your way of thinking and turn your reality. It revolutionizes your thinking and change your life, your environment, and why not?, up to the world.